Don't be scared to make an offer!!!

La Digue Estate, St. Andrew

Asking between EC $10 to $12 
34 lots that have never been touched before, pure estate ground with a view which is spectacular from every side you are viewing the lands from, a wonderful residential development area and a community for all ages.

Salisbury Road, St. Andrew

1 acre  20pls or 49,005 SQ.FT 
Asking EC $12.50 per sq.ft 

Cultivated land on a flat to gentle slope with many fruit trees and a rustic house on property which can be used as a residential or commercial building once refurbished. 


Harford Village/Crauth St.Andrew

1 acre 1Rd 21pls 
60,167 SQ,FT
Asking EC $6.00 per sq ft 


Land on a gentle slope for agricultural, commercial or dwelling purposes. Ease of access to public and about 10 minutes’ drive from the town of Grenville.   


Chambord, St.Patrick

42,104  sq ft
Asking EC $6.50 per sq ft
Lots can be obtained

Flat to gentle sloping land for agricultural, commercial or dwelling purposes. Located in a very comfy and well established neighborhood with an amazing view.  


Sincerity Estate & Mon D'or, St.Andrew

75 Acres
Asking EC $17,000.00 per acre
Prime mountainous land for agricultural use or for those seeking to build their get away Cottage. These prime lands have never been cultivated and would be a beautiful piece of paradise to own.   


Tivoli, St.Andrew

3Roods 5 Poles
34,031 SQ.FT.
Asking EC $5.50 per sq. ft.
The peaceful surroundings make this lot more highlighted than anywhere else in the area. with potential to be used for any of your desires, this lot of land is just waiting for you. 


Rivulet Lane, St.Andrew

 22,760 sq ft
Asking EC $12.00 per sq. ft.
In walking distance from the heart of Grenville, this lot of land can be used for any purpose you may have, from commercial to Residential, it has so much to offer with fruit trees scattered throughout the land.  

Hope, St.Andrew

21,780 sq ft
Asking EC $174,240.00 
located just a stones throw away from Hope's Beach. Great Sea view , needs some work but the potential is outstanding.  


Soubise, St.Andrew

 4,700 sq ft
Asking EC $12.00 per sq. ft.
Right on the main road is this lot fit just for someone who wants to build up just opposite the sea and right on the main road.


Grand Anse, St. George

3,959 sq ft
Asking EC $71,262.00 
Located at the "The Ridge" situate at Grand Anse, Saint George   , over viewing the Grand Anse Housing Scheme an incredible  lot of Land  10  mins drive to the Airport and SGU. 

Grenville, St. Andrew

(The Lane)

25,560 sq ft
Asking EC $12 per sq ft 
More details coming soon. 


Mt. Parnassus, St. George 

23,413.5‬ SQ.Ft
$15 per Sq.ft
(owners willing to Negotiate)
Two  Roods and Six Poles (2 Rds, 6Pls) or 23,413.5‬0 Sq.Ft with a clear view of the sea and the town of St. George.

St.James, St. Andrew

1/4 Acre and 9 Poles or 13,340 SQ.FT
Asking EC $4.50 per sq.ft


Cultivated land on slope, with ease of access to public transport for agricultural, commercial or dwelling purpose with a magnificent Mountain View.


Cookhill Road, St.Andrew

34,157 sq ft (5 lots)
Asking EC $350,000.00 (Lots can be sold separately)

Cultivated land, on a gentle slope with many fruit trees and a rustic house on property. Land is cut into 5 lots which can be sold separately. Lot 5 is situated next to a watercourse while lot 1-4 has a magnificent sea view.  


La Digue, St.Andrew

2 Acres 3 Roods 8 Poles
121,968 SQ.FT
Asking EC $5.50 per sq ft 


Cultivated land for agricultural, commercial or dwelling purposes. Breathe Taking Mountain and valley view. Land has Rustic house on property with a beautiful interior.   

Paradise, St.Andrew

10,890 sq ft
 Asking EC $7.00 per sq ft


Cultivated land on a flat land for agricultural, commercial or dwelling purposes. located in a very comfy and well established neighborhood.  

La Taste, St. Patrick

1 Acre and 22,651.20 sq ft
Asking EC $9 per sq ft 
More details coming soon. 


Bathway, St.Patrick

17,640 sq ft
Asking EC $12.00 per sq. ft.
This is the vacationing paradise and with that comes areas that are especially suited to the kick back and relax lifestyle. This lot compromises all of this with only being a few minutes’ walk from Bathway beach and in the tranquil area of Bathway developments so what are u waiting for?  

Telescope, St.Andrew

 8,820 sq ft
Asking EC $14.00 per sq. ft.
Located over-seeing Big Bay , Beautiful view and ideal location for a house spot, right near the road . Prefect for Residential.  

Conference Bay Road/Pearls

2Rds. 18pls.
26,680.5 SQ.FT
Asking EC $6.50 per Sq.Ft
located in a quite neighborhood, perfect for family to live , comes with a wide area for a garden and any type of purpose you can think of, with a ravine running through it.  


Crochu, St. Andrew

43,870 sq ft
Asking EC $10 per sq ft 
Located near Crochu Gas station, boundaries the Eastern main road
(Lots are possible for negotiation) 


Crochu, St. Andrew

23,413.50 sq ft
Asking EC $10 per sq ft 
More details coming soon. 

 Balthazar, St.Andrew

3 rds (2 lots)  of cultivated land on flat to gentle sloped land for agricultural, commercial or dwelling purposes. Land situated near a beautiful river and will be suited to any of your needs.


Palmiste, St. John 

21,280 SQ.Ft
$12 per Sq.ft
just off the western main road, quite and peaceful with a 5 min walk to the beach its a great neighborhood to retire or start a family in.
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