Hope, St. Andrew 


US $260.00 / EC $ 650.00 Per Month

US $37.00 / EC $ 100.00 Per Night

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room and a spacious yard. All located on the eastern main road with only 10 minutes walk from the alluring hope beach and 10 minutes drive from the busy town of Grenville. The apartment is fenced and gated. if you are searching for something long term in a prime but yet quiet spot this is for you.


Lower Capital Birchgrove, St. Andrew

US $560.00 / EC $1500.00 Per Month

US $37.00 / EC $100.00  Per Night

Picturesque property with ease of access to the main road. A Sizable driveway and the floral surrondings makes this apartment stand out in the quiant neighbourhood.


Seaton James Street, Grenville, St. Andrew 

US $37.00 / EC $100.00  Per Night

This downstairs apartment is right in the heart if Grenville and is boasting two bedrooms, 1 bath, living room, kitchen and laundry. Its perfect for the persons looking for somewhere directly in Grenville to get that country town kind of feel. Short term tenants Only. 


Telescope, St. Andrew 

US $60.00 / EC $160.00 Per Night

Long term can be Negotiated 

Fully Furnished apartment with a delightful view of the hillside with a very spacious living area and bedroom that consists of 2 queen size beds. Only 5 minutes drive from Grenville and has lovely fruit trees in the yard.


Balthazar, St. Andrew 

US $150.00 / EC $400.00 Per Month

Multiple unfurnished apartments with a quaint feel and a beautiful mountain view surrounded by a lush fresh greenery with direct access to the main road. Just minutes away from the Balthazar river where you can always take a soak or go river tubing.

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